Monday, February 27, 2012

Demo Alert: Replica

I am afraid that these new demo posts are in danger of becoming repetitive what with my attempts to figure out different ways of saying “another new band that is helping restore my enthusiasm for the local punk scene.” The fact of the matter is that virtually every demo we have posted over nearly a year evokes that reaction in me, redundancy be damned. My interest in the up-and-comers of the Bay Area was waning for a few years, so I am pleased that this has changed. Replica certainly falls under that category. No Statik’s drummer B teams up with three of the tiniest women in the Bay Area hardcore scene to make a noise that is anything but small in stature. One of those women is ex-Duck and Cover vocalist Dharma Mooney, who adds a snotty persona to these songs that is appreciated. Her sarcastic laugh in “Sandy Bottoms” is one of those little things that goes a long way towards making a song more interesting to listen to. Replica appears to have an array of musical influences to where I would probably laugh my ass off at some twentysomething know-it-all trying to describe them to me. Do not bother, for this is simply good hardcore at the end of the day. The uptight crybater brigade will probably fall in love with them for all the wrong reasons, but one can hope that will not deter the rest of us from following Replica’s progress. 

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