Friday, February 17, 2012

NWA & the Posse

NWA & the Posse is not so much the first NWA album than it is a compilation that they happen to be part of. The Niggaz only contribute three of their own songs, while most of the other tracks are taken up by Eazy E’s solo raps and another group called the Fila Fresh Crew. You are probably familiar with the NWA tracks, as they were later used on Straight Outta Compton, but perhaps you might enjoy checking out the other groups too. If nothing else, it is interesting to get a taste of what was up and coming in Los Angeles before gangsta rap took over and seemingly pushed fun-loving rappers like the Fila Fresh Crew and Rappinstine to the wayside. This rip was sourced from the original album at perfect MP3 quality, featuring Rappinstine’s “Scream.” Subsequent pressings replaced “Scream” with NWA’s “A Bitch iz a Bitch,” so click here and pretend you’ve been down with the posse from the very beginning.

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