Friday, March 9, 2012


You think your hometown hardcore scene sucked in the 1990s, eh? Somehow, I would be willing to bet that your town was a veritable paradise compared to the bullshit burgh of Bradford, England. The bands documented on this compilation came out of a small hardcore scene that gathered around the 1 in 12 Club, which I believe was run under the same semi-anarcho/syndicalist principles that drove Gilman Street and ABC No Rio. Each band resides under the ‘90s hardcore banner while bringing something of their own to the table. Voorhees is the one band that most of you are familiar with in some capacity. “Pressure” sounds a bit generic to these ears now, but it was a favorite of mine earlier in life for its lyrical content. Naturally, this song is a perfect start to the compilation. Kito gets gruff while Stand Off probably had some Go! and Half Off records in their collections. Their song “Growing Concern” was another one that I always enjoyed. Nailbomb is decidedly not the band that I think is related to Sepultura, but they are one of the more metallic bands on this comp. Ironside continues to keep it on a heavy/mosh tip, but Submission brings a faster pace and an anarcho vibe. A more emotive sound emanates from the grooves as Understand takes a “Poll” to end this record on a high note. Out of these seven bands, they are probably the most technically interesting.

It is entirely possible that my enjoyment of Consolidated is a product of my need to catch up with contemporary hardcore when I was younger. Those of you who are of the “hardcore sucked in the ‘90s” opinion should probably avoid it. However, others disagree and would appreciate some of what was going on in Northern England nearly twenty years ago. Don’t be a douchebag. At least give the Voorhees song a chance.


Dan Lactose said...

I really dug this back in the 90s. Haven't revisited it in quite awhile.

lifesblood said...

this was the very first 7" i bought from a distro.I was so excited about it that i still remember that day 18 yrs later.