Friday, March 2, 2012

God Hates Baptists

One of our earliest posts was about Scurvy Dogs, so feel free to go read up on what we had to say about their tenure in the Bay Area punk scene and come back if you want to. The rest of you can check out their debut seven-inch, which is their best material to these ears. Unfortunately, this record didn’t get around as much as it should have. These six songs are more varied in their approach, with more catchy and danceable moments than your average hardcore band. Songs like “God Hates Baptists” and “Procrastination is the Mother of Invention, Cynicism is the Bastard of Progress” should have inspired wild circle pits and old school creepy-crawling to ensue, but they had stopped playing every song on this record by the time a lot of people caught up. Subsequent Scurvy Dogs recordings concentrated more on straightforward hardcore punk at a consistently driving pace. They continued to be one of my favorite local bands, but I still felt that they could have been even better had they retained the variation that was previously in their songwriting arsenal. I always come back to this record for that reason.

When (if) the story is told, it’s likely that Scurvy Dogs would be remembered as one of the more underrated bands during the Bay Area’s “hardcore resurrection” period. Even when heads had turned in their direction, it never seemed like they got the same respect as others that had not worked as hard…or for as long. May you see the error of your ways here.


Evan said...

Very kind of you. That was a fun time period. I also like the demo CD the Scurvy Dogs the picture on the demo is a scene from playing a show at the Tempest in SF, there was an asshole skin head and he was beating on small dudes and girls so I smacked his head with the bridge of my bass. He left bleeding like a dumb motherfucker. Fuck pit bullies!

josey jasen said...

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunihsne.