Friday, March 30, 2012

Living & Dying

Shortly after we began looking at music through The Evil Eye, we tried to explain that judging Scorpions on “Rock You Like a Hurricane” was akin to judging punk rock based on your opinion of Green Day. We did this by posting Virgin Killer; a great Scorpions record released eight years before Love at First Sting. You probably didn’t listen to us the first time, so we’re gonna make another attempt to get you on the right path in life with the record that the Scorps released in the previous year.

In Trance
is an interesting album. I don’t know if this was a concept they had in mind or anything, but the first half is darker and more melancholy sounding than anything else Scorpions recorded with whiz kid guitarist Ulrich Roth. “Living and Dying” is probably the most depressing song I have ever heard them do, at least as far as this era is concerned. Side B’s vibe perks up with “Robot Man,” although Klaus Meine still manages to add a negative air by sounding completely sarcastic during the chorus. By the time the instrumental “Night Lights” closes out the album, everything seems all right in the world again. If Virgin Killer is great, then In Trance is fantastic.

This is your second chance to re-introduce yourself to Scorpions and hear their earlier material that laid the foundation for the stadium rock monstrosity they became in the 1980s. Stop dying and start living, you stupid asshole.

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Benjamin said...

the title track alone is worth the listen.