Friday, March 23, 2012

Negative Hardcore, Destructive Youth

For years, Scumbrigade was just a band with a cool name that I read about in Profane Existence once or twice. That changed in June of 2000 when they made the pilgrimage from Sweden to the Bay Area, tearing up Gilman Street with Dystopia. Nobody will believe me, but Scumbrigade owned the Gilman stage that night. Their set was high energy and it was obvious that the members were beyond stoked to be there. I was beyond stoked that Scumbrigade far exceeded whatever expectations I had of them. Dystopia were out of practice and ready to call it a day by that point, so your dumb ass failed if you got drunk outside while Scumbrigade played. Too bad us ugly Americans usually get only one chance to see those random Euro bands.

Five hundred copies of this twelve-inch were pressed for that tour, complete with silk-screened covers and a lyric booklet. The above graphic is actually from said lyric booklet as we are not able to scan LP covers. We have never seen this record in the blogosphere, so we at The Evil Eye decided that it was time for you to become acquainted with it. Enjoy some crusty hardcore that is played with the right blend of speed and power. Scumbrigade’s faster moments forgo the standard crustcore beat for a more thrashy, aggressive pace. When they slow it down, you can hear that they’re grooving out on this crust thing in a way that most bands don’t. Get baked and groove out with them. It’ll be fun.

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