Sunday, April 29, 2012

Demo Alert: Detach Dolls

The other night was one of the more frustrating evenings I have had in a while, but do not expect me to bore you with those details. This ain’t that kinda blog, folks! Instead, we are gonna flash forward to about 10:00 when I stormed into a local dive in search of a cheap bag of weed. Plans had gone awry, so it was time to get high. Weed for sale was not to be found at this particular establishment, but I did find the time to be pleasantly surprised by one of the bands playing that evening.

Detach Dolls are a local power trio whose tuneage may not be considered standard Evil Eye fare by our worldwide legion of fans. Whatever. Listen a bit more carefully. Perhaps you will find that this band kinda rocks. Detach Dolls sound like the direction more East Bay pop-punkish bands should have gone after Green Day went mainstream nearly twenty years ago. There have been quite a few around here who have tried to do so—it just happens that Detach Dolls are one that I actually enjoyed. Mind you, “pop-punk” is being used as a catchall term here. These Dolls are a bit harder-edged than expected, with lots of late ‘70s pre-HC punk influence at work. Perfectly enjoyable overall, but the first two songs are downright fantastic. As a fan of old 45s, they would make one helluva single. “Werewolf” is the perfect A-side as far as this band is concerned. Although it has the least to say lyrically, the music packs the punch that makes the kids wanna dance. Mix tapes and MP3 playlists alike will feature this ditty quite comfortably. The oft-neglected B-side would be “Disney Song,” concerning bullshit depictions of women in cartoon fantasyland. Walt Disney was a Nazi, you know. Just saying. Those of you who remember that there IS another song on the record will enjoy the quicker pace and vocal harmonies.

Although my evening plans had gone down in flames and left me in a horrible mood, Detach Dolls were right there to remind me that the night was far from over. The band was great and I found that cheap herb later in the night. Everything ended on a high note after all. Thanks, Dolls.

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Trevor and Sandi said...

Very intersting. I heard a tape of the Dolls a few years ago, and was struck by the good musical vibes.