Friday, April 13, 2012

Nuclear Armed Hogs vs. G.N.P.

Another forgotten platter that should have been posted here a long time ago. Perhaps you recall Nuclear Armed Hogs’ appearance on Slap a Ham’s Fiesta Comes Alive! compilation. In short, this band was Prank Records mogul (heh) Ken Sanderson backed by members of East Bay punk legends Schlong. Not sure what you would expect from that combination, but it is…uh…interesting. I guess the best way to describe Nuclear Armed Hogs is that they are very much of their time, which is the early to mid ‘90s. They take a few cues from the powerviolence aspect of hardcore and filter them through the oddball Schlong perspective. Ken’s vocals sound kinda like a drunken Muppet, so I can see why he might see this band as a skeleton in his closet of sorts. If nothing else, there is no way you can say they sound like a typical hardcore band.

Grossest National Product is something of an old favorite in the Prank Records household. In the past, I have brought up bands that would have been your hometown heroes had you resided in the same area. From what I gather, GNP was exactly that to Ken while he was in college. Feel free to talk about how oh-so punk you are in whatever town you are from if you want to. Perhaps you should try being a badass punk rocker in Birmingham, Alabama sometime. One has to figure that this requires a fair amount of bravery—more so in the mid ‘80s when GNP first formed there. I cannot imagine that being much fun unless you enjoy fighting and being harassed by the police on a regular basis. It is only natural to want to start a band and escape from this sort of environment. GNP sounds like what you would expect out of a punk band from Alabama—fast, chaotic, and not without a sense of humor. The typical Hank Williams enthusiast would be more than mildly annoyed to hear them practicing in the garage next door. GNP’s drummer is the highlight of this recording. He sounds like he has no idea how to actually play drums, even for a punk band. Instead of taking lessons, he is just going to freak out on the kit and hope for the best. To be honest, the rest of the band sounds like that too. Remember when a lot of punk bands were terrible in the best way possible? Grossest National Product is one of those bands. Revel in this garbage.


PRANKREC said...

Yeah, that record I was not happy with the mixing (which I didn't attend) so hence not putting a name on the record when it was released. It was my intention to fuse a love of VENTURES- styled surf music with Extreme hardcore, explain that to the Mello Brothers ( and Chris from False sacrament, Gavin from Schlong wasn't in NAH) and that's what you get. Fun band to play live. Most musicians have a skeleton or three in a closet when they start playing music, and I regret I didn't push further and instead put my creative efforts into the label.

Neither of the two GNP records really capture the band, this is a band that recorded three album length demo recordings and still never had anything but two Split 45's released in over THIRTY YEARS, and all of their demo recordings are kinda of superior to either record. GNP Has been a band since 1982. They Still play with the original Guitarrist and Drummer. The singer quit a few years ago, their bassists often spinal tap and combust. Duhg Doom - was kind of Muppet show Animal- like in his attack, but later became a 6th degree black belt in Karate it focused his drumming. The legend of GNP is more than the recordings, they are some of the most insane, pickled in punk, weird freak out punk hippies. Hilarious stories abound. Prank always wanted to do an LP for them, because they're genuinely creative, wonderful - and unique doesn't even begin to express it people....But I'd pretty much have to go to Alabama and baby sit the project...and it's never been the time.

I still have a few hundred of these 7" the label, Thedford records left with me. If you order something from Prank and would like a copy, tack on a dollar or two. I'll Autographed copies for $20. :)

PRANKREC said...

Oh yeah and re-reading this, you must not really be able to get this from the record, GNP weren't just like these Punks...they were like these weird drugged out Punk hippies into thrash and the Stooges. They all had long hair and were...all.....Odd. They looked odd. Physically. They were odd. Mentally. The lyrics were like RAMONES or ANGRY SAMOANS mixed with Mad Magazine. The bassist was almost Decapitated and had a throat stoma and dressed head to toe in leather. He quit ( or went to jail) They of course wrote joke songs about it...and they got someone who did even MORE drugs).. All of that might be irrelevant to whether or not you enjoy their record...but the most important thing about the band is they were always a reliable constant of Birmingham's punk scene- a scene that would get on the touring circuit and then fall off it (Indeed there's a classic set of early BLACK FLAG photos at the Cavern in B'ham, and the members are right up front). The guys From GNP always there to patch the walls of the venue when someone kicked them in, always willing to open for no money, help people out and put people up and most of all make people laugh. "reggie had a party out by the pool, everything was fine, everything was cool, then something happened that was really a bummer, Reggie put himself into a coma...1....2...3...4.!!!"

Erik Aasland said...

Grew up in Bham in the '70s and '80s during the Cavern/Loft/Tuxedo Junction era of shows. Spike, Duhg and Chris were some of the funniest and nicest people in that microscopic and totally fucked up scene. Jimmy....well maybe not so much. That fucker sold a lot of dusted weed to kids. I had a demo cassette GNP did, green construction paper cover on the outside and their kickass cover of Now I Wanna Be Your Dog inside along with six or seven other songs. I bought it from Chris for three dollars at a show in someone's back yard in '85. I wish I knew where the fuck it went. That band was the glue that held the scene together most weekends.