Friday, May 11, 2012

God is Everywhere

With all of the enthusiasm for ‘80s hardcore and crossover that has taken place over the past ten-plus years, it is somewhat surprising that Ludichrist is one name that I have heard little to no mention of. Personally, I always found them the most interesting out of the handful of late ‘80s metal/hardcore bands I started listening to in my early twenties. Ludichrist may not have been as intense as DRI or the Crumbsuckers, but they were willing to take chances with their music—as in more chances than they already had—that the other two bands were not. It isn’t on this tape, but I cannot think of another band of this sort who could have set “Green Eggs and Ham” (yes, as in Dr. Seuss) to music and make it sound good. 

Apparently, whoever ran the CBGB record label felt the same way, deeming them the one hardcore band worthy of a soundboard cassette release. For the sake of trivia that matters only to us, one of the shows that provided the source material took place the day before part of WrestleMania II was to take place at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum. I only bring that up because vocalist Tommy Christ mentions it while talking about different events taking place in the New York area that week. In case you were wondering, the other crucial event is a Ted Nugent/Aerosmith double bill. If you are already a Ludichrist fan, you will recognize virtually every song from their great Immaculate Deception LP that was released later in the year. They save their goofier moments for the recording studio and play their more straightforward material to get the blood pumping. With that in mind, Off the Board is a fine introduction to Ludichrist. If I am wrong, let your nonexistent god strike me down.

“Mommy? Where’s God?”
Right here, you little shit.

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Dude! Thanks, this rules.