Friday, May 25, 2012

Punx Picnic

Spring is in the air, the strawberries are succulent, and Oi Polloi provides a fine soundtrack for the season even if your allergies have rendered you into a near-deathlike state. Total Anarchoi is a half-studio/half-live record released to benefit a number of causes, including a center for Gaelic language assistance and legal assistance for fellow punks after a face-off with the cops at a local punk fest. The studio side lives up to expectations, especially since you have already checked out their earlier material like the Resist the Atomic Menace EP we posted a while back. However, the live set is more than worth the price of admission. Recorded in Edinburgh the night before a punk’s picnic, Oi Polloi are in high spirits—possibly in more ways than one. If you were present, I would imagine that you had a great time. The audience is encouraged to mosh against multinationals, which is not such a bad idea. Singalongs are established ahead of time so everyone knows what to say when the time is right. Nazis are killed and Stonehenge is set free. Much to everyone’s delight, Discharge and Sham 69 are covered. If a fun time like this cannot get the punks primed for tomorrow’s picnic, I suppose nothing else will. Not even strawberries gathered by my own hand. That would be a damned shame. Eat some strawberries and get over yourself already.

Can you feel it?

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