Monday, June 4, 2012

Demo Alert: Rhygin HC

Rhygin HC is an on-again/off-again hardcore outfit who offer no apologies for being who they are—skinheads. Of course, they are of the independent anti-racist variety and stand against gang mentalities and wanton violence. This demo was recorded two years ago, but has just recently been made available for your ears. Most of the songs are under a minute long, so I suppose that gives you an idea of what they sound like. Perhaps you will appreciate the lyrics being a bit more progressive than one might expect from your average skinhead band. However, you will have to acquire your own physical copy to see that for yourself. I cannot say for sure what Rhygin HC’s immediate future looks like, but opening for Old Firm Casuals is most definitely not being taken under consideration. Build anticipation for their next gig here. Doc Martens and red suspenders not included.

1 comment:

Brian said...

oooof..not opening for old firm casuals? but i really like sydney ducks!!!