Friday, June 29, 2012

S.D.S. vs. Hong Kong Knife

Come on down to the Rock ‘n’ Rool Show this weekend to check out a pair of Japanese punk bands that sound completely different from one another. Longtime Evil Eye readers should be aware of Societic Death Slaughter (SDS), as we have posted them here before. The kings of Japanese motorcycle crust take you on three rides through the nuclear wasteland, ending with a bizarre Discharge/Disorder mash-up called “Confused Erectoro (Kon-Den).” We know absolutely nothing about Hong Kong Knife, but their sole contribution to this party was well received. They shank you with some solid ‘60s-inspired garage punk that occasionally speeds up to more of a hardcore pace than similar bands like Teengenerate or Guitar Wolf. “She Doesn’t Sxxx (Shinuhodo Decorate Ga Shibui Kawajan)” is a perfectly enjoyable song and I wish there were more. If this Rock ‘n’ Rool Show appeals to you, go here for tickets.

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