Friday, June 8, 2012

Trust Gods

Hailing from upstate New York during the early ‘90s, Conniption predated a number of bands who attempted to give hardcore kids in their area something different than the tough guy/straight edge norm that probably still pollutes towns like Troy and Syracuse to this day. This is another record that somehow managed to survive multiple collection purges without my ever listening to it, at least until recently. I do not remember how long I have owned it for, but I do recall that the lame cover artwork played a role in my not taking the record seriously enough to bother listening to it. My mistake, although I imagine that said artwork probably got them some heat with whatever feminist punk sects there were in upstate New York circa 1994. By this point, I think it has been acknowledged that the artwork was a bad choice and everyone has moved on. 

Although they were more of a crusty hardcore band than their future projects, you can certainly hear elements that were utilized later in Devoid of Faith and even more so in Monster X. Since both of those bands were some of the best that ‘90s hardcore had to offer, perhaps you might enjoy taking a trip further back in their lineage. Get your ticket to grind here.

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