Friday, December 7, 2012

In Shackles of the Human Skin

Zero Hour was a short-lived crusty peace punk band hailing from the Oakland/Berkeley area during the early to mid ‘90s. I do not hear them mentioned often these days, even amongst whatever anarcho/crust enthusiasts I know. However, they had quite an impact on me as a teenager attempting to branch out beyond the typical ‘80s hardcore staples. Punk bands of the doom-and-gloom variety were new to me at the time, so Zero Hour was like the next level when I first heard them. Musically, Zero Hour predated the mid ‘90s ‘Oakland sound’ with elements that one can still hear in new bands coming out of our fair city today. Whisper’s vocals were particularly engaging. She certainly did not live up to her name as she delivered her anguished observations on the state of humanity. Four songs about the world being a shitty place to live in left me in a daze by the time they were over. There are times when this record still has that kind of effect on me, although I am usually stoned beyond comprehension when that happens. Perhaps you should try that before you put it on.

I should mention that this record used to be great fun to listen to on the slower speed of 33 RPM. We at The Evil Eye like our readers to live life to the fullest extent, so we have included a slow version as well. This way, Zero Hour sounds so sludgy and disgusting that it is almost like cruel and unusual punishment to foist it on an unsuspecting public. Some of you will like it. Some of you will undoubtedly hate it. Then again, some of you are also sick freaks. Let us know what you think either way.

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William Wheelright said...

Hey I last commented (?) on the Assrash comment.

Anyway with the new profile I checked here last night and today you excited me with a Zero Hour post.

How about Whisper with Minneapolis crusties from Misery in the project, Children of a Barren Wasteland?