Friday, July 13, 2012

We'll be back

The Evil Eye is going to sleep for a couple weeks. Worry not, for we will be back next month with the tunes you like to hear and the posts you like to read. In the meantime, enjoy the summer weather and let us know of any dead links.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Amerika the Pitiful

Not to be confused with the NYHC band of the same name, this WarZone actually hailed from the Bay Area during the early 1980s. If nothing else, they were proof that MRR co-founder Jeff Bale was capable of using his mouth for something besides being overly opinionated about music—or lectures about international terrorist groups, but that might be more interesting than anything being discussed here today. WarZone would not have been out of place alongside bands like Social Unrest on the Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation. Their approach to early hardcore was standard compared to better-known local bands, but spirited nonetheless. I particularly enjoy the song “Moral Majority,” which opens this seven-inch with a hearty “FUCK YOU!” to the Reverend Jerry Falwell. WarZone’s only other vinyl offering was their contribution to the live Eastern Front compilation, in which none of the bands emerged unscathed by the slow recording speed. Amerika the Pitiful was recorded in 1982, but went unreleased until Allied Recordings dusted it off nearly ten years later. Feel free to tie a flannel shirt around your waist and practice stagediving on your bed.