Friday, September 21, 2012

Youth Nabbed as Sniper

Thirty-five years ago today, Blondie played a show at the famed Old Waldorf in San Francisco. KSAN was on hand to record the festivities, making it possible for people like yourself to listen to it today and wish you were there. Apparently this recording was taken from the radio station’s production reel, so the sound quality is as good as it gets. I want to say that this was a seminal show in San Francisco punk history for some reason, but I cannot remember any specifics right now. It’s not like I was at the gig or anything—I was born about six and a half months later. Do you care? Probably not. It is a live Blondie recording from when they were still a couple years away from becoming a jukebox staple at every hipster douchebag bar across America. Not only that, but it sounds fantastic. What else do you need to know? If you are a fan, you already know that you are going to love this. Thank me in the comments section for once in your miserable lives.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Flash Gits in the Hour of KALX

Many a band have passed through the hallowed halls of UC Berkeley’s KALX to play live in their studio on Saturday nights. My crappy teenage punk band actually happened to get that chance shortly before we broke up, which was a personal goal of mine. You can imagine that I was nothing short of thrilled to be there. I was also nothing short of wasted during the entire broadcast. The rest of the band was NOT thrilled about that. The KALX people would not allow me to bring alcohol into the studio, especially what with my being underage. Instead, I chugged down my 64 of Mickey’s in the back of Fat Slice Pizza and walked back to sweat out my toxins. Naturally, I sobered up the second we finished playing.

Perhaps some of these songs should have been included on our posthumous Flash Gits in the Hour of Chaos CD. We fucked up a number of songs, but never did Ian’s guitar sound fit the “volcanic chaos punk” description more than it does here. This is essentially what you got if you happened to be bored enough to see us play—four Beavis and Butt-Heads with Doc Martens and musical instruments, making noise and saying dumb shit. We broke up two weeks later, angry with each other and frustrated with our own lack of upward mobility. After the fact, Six Weeks informed me that our song “Cider Sluts” was one of their favorites on their upcoming America in Decline compilation and wanted to put out a record for us. We would have died happy punks with that accomplishment, but it was too late. That was a typical scenario with this band, as well as others in the area with similar destinies.

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