Friday, November 9, 2012

Darkness Filled My Soul

Do not let the clearance bin quality cover artwork deter you from allowing Demolition the chance to fill your soul with their brand of musical darkness. These Japanese crustys are as close to a perfect fusion of GISM and Motörhead as I have ever heard. Since you probably already think that both of those bands are two of the all-time greats, it is obvious that I do not need to say anything else in regards to Demolition. After all, you have already clicked here to download my favorite record of theirs, the Darkness Filled My Soul 12-inch from 1999. Am I right or am I right?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sistema Brutale

Out of the handful of bands involving this fashionable clan of West Bay punks, Sistema Brutale rated the highest in my book. Most shows I remember them playing took place at Burnt Ramen during the club’s peak in 2002. Although I do not recall a single occasion where they showed up on time, they usually made up for it with a decent set. People usually forgave them because they knew how difficult it was for them to even get a damn show in the first place. Rather than scene politics getting in the way, somebody’s dickhead father would hang up on you when you called to get them a show. I think they were often late more because of a “you’re not going ANYWHERE until you’ve finished everything on your dinner plate” thing than intentionally being late so they could play higher on the bill. Of course, if Sistema Brutale were REAL suburban punkers, they would have just killed the guy’s dad in the name of anarchy. I guess it is true that they do not make punk rockers like they used to…sigh…

I think Sistema Brutale was this group’s attempt to emulate Finnish hardcore, but I always thought it came back to early Disorder and Short Sharp Shock-era Chaos UK. That argument holds up well with this tape, which was recorded on a two-track in the garage. With that in mind, expect a demo that sounds muddy and chaotic at best, but not without its charm. My favorite song of theirs was always “Condemned to Die,” with some line regarding a “helmet on my head, boots on my feet.” I had been told that it was an anti-work song, which made me wonder why their singer wore a helmet to an office job. A bike helmet? A military helmet? Who knows?

Sistema Brutale may not have had their shit together, but they had potential to be more than a forgotten Burnt Ramen footnote. This demo is good fun to listen to. Should you choose to download it, at least you know it will get to your hard drive on time.