Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The front porch of UC Berkeley’s Le Chateau co-op was a good place to kick back and drink a beer on a hot summer day for a number of years. To some, the levels of debauchery and decadence that house has risen to is of legendary status. Le Chateau was also home to many representatives of Telegraph Avenue’s homeless community at different times, regardless of their punk affiliation. I think it was back in 2006 that I heard that UC Berkeley finally cracked down on the co-op and shut it down after years of complaints from their neighbors regarding the nonstop partying there. That’s too bad—I have a lot of fond memories of that place.

Gravediggers of the Bourgeoisie billed themselves as “Berkeley’s only Oi band.” Although only three of their eight members actually lived within Berkeley city limits, nobody bothered to dispute their claim. The Gravediggers were made up of people who didn’t exactly fit into what was acceptable by East Bay/Gilman punk standards, due to guilt by association with Oppressed Logic and the Insurgents. Regardless, they were a fun band and this evening belonged to them. The whole room erupted into a giant drunken pogo and circle pit, singing along to the Gravediggers and their Oi/punk trash.

After their set (and the quick fight drama that took place), we actually took off for Gilman to see the Pist, who were on tour from the East Coast. Some people gave us shit for leaving, but we had played with Oppressed Logic and Subincision quite a few times. The Pist were on tour and we didn’t want to miss them. I don’t recall being disappointed with that decision.

FLYER: Jake Kelly
SHOW: Unknown